All organizations have a set of core values that define who they are — their culture and the way that business is conducted.  At Northwest Metabolic Medicine, an important part of what we do is service to our community.  This is not borne out of any obligation, but instead our strong desire to make a significant contribution toward transforming people’s lives.

The Challenge

Over the years, we have observed how difficult it is for children to struggle with weight issues.  Additionally, developing metabolic and weight issues as a child is significantly more harmful than when those same conditions occur in an adult.  Therefore, it is critical to intervene before the complex systems of the body are significantly damaged.  We’ve also seen that children are able to repair their metabolic abnormalities more easily than adults.  Remember that a person’s underlying physiology won’t significantly change, so intervening earlier will result in significant benefits down the road.  Further, available evidence also suggests that early intervention is vital to reversing childhood obesity because it targets children during their formative years, when they are more receptive to parental influence.

The stakes are very clear:

▪ For many years, complications  arising from obesity (such as increased risk for a variety of diseases like cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and diabetes) were considered unusual in childhood.  However, in the past thirty years a number of minor and major problems have become common in children and adolescents with obesity.

▪ Adolescent obesity is predictive of adult obesity, with the vast majority of teenagers who are obese continuing on to be obese as adults.

▪ The secondary effects of childhood obesity can also be harmful.  Anecdotal evidence suggests that depression and eating disorders are common in children and adolescents referred to obesity clinics. Prejudice and discrimination against individuals with obesity are common in US culture…and children have less skill and experience than adults in coping with this negative input.  Social isolation, peer problems, and lower confidence and esteem are frequently observed.

Our Solution

The way that we have chosen to serve and deliver on our mission is to offer help and subsidize the majority of the cost of the care for children and adolescents under age 18.

The Specifics

To accomplish this goal, we are setting aside a number of appointment blocks each week, designated for this purpose.  Please contact our office to find out when the next appointment date is available.

The charge for each office visit by a child or adolescent under age 18 will be $30 per visit.*

*  Starting January 1, 2020 you will receive a $5 discount if paying by cash/check.

Please be aware that the cost mentioned above only applies to our charges.  There may be charges from other parties associated with being a patient at Northwest Metabolic Medicine (for example lab fees or EKG charges).


Office visits for children and adolescents are handled differently than adults.  For example, we may or may not use the InBody and visits are often less structured or may occur more variably.

Keep in mind that it may not be appropriate for all children to receive care at Northwest Metabolic Medicine.  First and foremost, your child must want to come.  If there is any question as to whether this is appropriate for your child, please set up an initial consultation appointment (with parent only) and we’ll discuss your situation.

One final thought:  any therapeutic intervention in a child or adolescent with obesity is significantly less likely to succeed without the understanding, approval, and active participation of family members.  Successful treatment often requires a change in the entire family’s approach to eating.