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Ideal Protein

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is a commercial weight loss program sold at numerous locations throughout the United States and Canada. It heavily relies on participants purchasing food products recommended and sold by the Ideal Protein partner clinics. This process has been successful for some of their clients. However, some people who have tried this plan regain weight, and sometimes gain even more than they lost in the first place.

Clients who are unsuccessful using the Ideal Protein program usually report one or more of the following reasons:
▪ Some find that the products are too expensive to continue buying (dieters typically are required to eat three Ideal Protein foods a day during the weight loss phases).
▪ Some don’t like the taste of the food products.
▪ Others want to start eating “real” food and have a hard time successfully replacing the food products they previously relied upon.
▪ Some people have reported that they don’t like the idea of consuming such highly-processed food.
▪ Others note that, because many of the snack and dessert food products are sweetened with sucralose (a very powerful artificial sweetener), they couldn’t break the sweet “addiction” once transitioning back to real food.

One of the big problems with many “quick” weight loss program, or programs that frequently use meal replacements (puddings, shakes, bars, drinks, packets, etc.) is that weight loss not only comes from fat, but muscle too. Loss of muscle tissue causes a decrease in the dieter’s basal metabolic rate. This means a person must also now eat less, besides feeling weaker and unwell. Even though a specific goal with the Ideal Protein program is to avoid muscle loss, not a single patient at our clinic has reported that their muscle mass was ever measured during their time as an Ideal Protein dieter. This means maintaining muscle mass can’t really be guaranteed, and unfortunately, some patients report that they believe muscle loss may have happened to them.

Some Ideal Protein clients frustratingly regained lost weight or didn’t lose weight at all and they didn’t exactly know why. Often, this happens because the underlying metabolic problems driving the extremely complex process that leads to fat tissue gain have not been thoroughly evaluated and properly addressed. Programs like Ideal Protein may have medical professionals supervising, but generally clients can expect to have appointments with clinic employees, not a physician.

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If you have not had lasting success with Ideal Protein, or want a truly individualized plan based on a physician’s in-depth assessment of your specific metabolic health, Dr. Geidl can help. She is the only physician in the area who is board certified in obesity medicine with a practice 100% dedicated to metabolic medicine. At Northwest Metabolic Medicine your muscle mass will be carefully monitored, and you will always, and only, ever see Dr. Geidl for one-on-one appointments.

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