Body Composition Testing

Northwest Metabolic Medicine is excited to be able to offer precision measurement of muscle and adipose (fat) tissue using Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) body composition testing with the InBody 570. Using the InBody analysis system we can track body composition changes as opposed to overall weight loss only. In about 45 seconds, the InBody 570 measures your muscle tissue, body fat, and water distribution which is much more useful information than simple scale weight. It measures the body water, muscle mass, and body fat by passing three frequencies of current through your body between eight contact points. This allows an extremely accurate measurement of body fat comparable to DEXA scanning but at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time. And, even if you are not a patient at Northwest Metabolic Medicine, you can still measure with the InBody using our affordable “self-service InBody” option.

Biospace InBody

Uses for the InBody

Patients:  All patients at Northwest Metabolic Medicine will use the InBody 570 during office visits. We encourage our patients to measure regularly to ensure your strategies for improving metabolic health are working effectively.

Fitness and weight training:  Accurate body composition testing is a great addition to any training program. You will be able to accurately measure your progress with segmental muscle mass – separate readings for each leg, each arm, and your trunk. If you have a personal trainer, the test data can be used to customize your workouts and track/optimize your results.

Weight loss programs:  Anyone participating in a weight loss program that doesn’t include comparable body composition testing (such as Weight Watchers or Ideal Protein) will benefit by accurately tracking their results.

If you are dieting:  Muscle loss is common when people are dieting and don’t get enough protein. This is not a desirable outcome. Body composition data can be helpful to monitor and ensure adequate protein intake.

Anyone else who is interested in accurately monitoring how a fat loss strategy is working should use self-service InBody testing at Northwest Metabolic Medicine!

If you want to read more about body composition testing, see Dr. Geidl’s blog post on the subject. Call us to schedule an appointment if you are interested in getting tested!