Patient Stories

“I have been working out faithfully for years, with very little results. I finally realized something was wrong when I saw a friend of mine go from unfit to very fit in just a few months. I turned to Dr. Geidl for help. After analyzing my bloodwork, she determined I needed a medication change.

After making some changes in my medication and diet, my efforts are finally starting to show. My weight is dropping, my body fat is decreasing, and my blood sugars and cholesterol levels are normalizing.

Working with Dr. Geidl (because yes, it feels like a team effort) is easy because it is important to her that you fully understand what is happening to your body, what your reports actually mean, and what either will or will not happen based on your efforts. I have never had a doctor spend as much time with me, nor make me feel that they are as invested in my health as Dr. Geidl. My only regret is that I waited so long to get healthy.”


“When I made my first appointment with Dr. Geidl, I was at my wits end emotionally & physically. I was exercising strenuously 5 to 6 times per week (running/elliptical, sit-ups) and thought I was eating a basically healthy diet. Despite all this, my midline was gradually increasing in size. I even had a couple people ask me if I was expecting. I felt powerless. I had dieted before with success but my body apparently had changed. Things that worked before didn’t work any more.

Dr. Geidl explained to me that everyone is different and metabolism triggers are different with different people and what might work for one person may not work at all for the next. She was interested in finding out the cause of my problem and treating it rather than just giving me a generic regimen to follow.

The weight started coming off in a way that it never has before. I felt rejuvenated, my senses were keener and within a few months I was able to go off of my blood pressure pills which I had been taking for over 10 years.

After 9 months, I have gone down almost 5 clothing sizes and feel fantastic! I feel like I am empowered and have control over my body. I get compliments almost daily. The best thing about it is that it is not a struggle to stay on a diet and I don’t have to measure amounts of food. I just know what is good for me and what’s not. I eat what’s best for me, not because I want to keep my weight down but because I want to feel good and stay healthy and keeping weight off is just an extra benefit.

I feel like this will affect me for the rest of my life. I just needed the knowledge to make correct changes in my diet in order to feel good and be healthy and not feel like I was cheating myself. If I want a dessert, it’s my choice, but in general, I eat what’s good for me. I’M FREE!!!”

G. from Lewiston Idaho

“My name is Tom and I am in my early 50’s. I have struggled with some weight gain in the past, but I have also had success at losing weight too. I have not kept it off consistently, though. I have had some health issues increase, so my doctor put me on a statin for my cholesterol, and I was starting to see some sugar levels increase, and I was pre-diabetic.

My doctor recommended going to Dr. Geidl and so this is where the real story begins. Dr. Geidl was interested in my whole body health and not just weight loss. She listened and had an upbeat approach, and has been encouraging throughout my visits. Over the course of a six month period, I have more energy, I am off the statins, have lost 34 pounds, my good cholesterol is up and bad cholesterol is down. I am no longer pre-diabetic and my sugar dropped to 100 from 130. But most importantly, I feel like it is easier to shift into the healthier foods when I have had a few misguided meals. When eating out at restaurants I can usually find things that are appropriate for me at the time, but at the same time I am able to enjoy a special meal when I want.

I would recommend going to Dr. Geidl if you have any metabolic problems. One of the biggest things I have learned is how my body responds to insulin and the proper way to combat this issue. She has helped me lose weight while dealing with the inside issues of cholesterol and being pre-diabetic. The bottom line — this works!”


“I have had a wonderful experience with my time as a patient of Dr. Geidl. Her knowledge and expertise is really amazing. She has the ability to impart information without using lots of medical jargon. With this vast knowledge comes a very welcoming personality and a sincere desire to be a help to her patients without ever being at all pushy about what you want for your personal goals. This, along with implementing a very easy to understand and doable program.

After seeing Dr. Geidl for about 4 months I have lost 12 pounds and my LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, and A1C have dropped significantly, while my HDL is up 14 points.

I have found the program easy to follow, and I have never felt hungry. I think I have learned to think “outside the box” when it comes to stereotypical ideas of meals. I truly believe this program is one that I can remain on and know that my life will have both quantity and more importantly – quality!  I could not recommend Dr. Geidl any more highly.”

M. from Genesee Idaho

“At my initial visit with Dr. Geidl, I told her that she was “my last desperate hope”, and I truly meant it. I had been struggling for many years to lose weight and be able to keep it off. I was “doing everything right”, but the weight just kept packing on uncontrollably.

I tried quite a few different diets, lots of exercise, and even starvation. My primary health care provider regularly checked my thyroid, but it was always “normal”. I was told that I looked fine, and to not worry about it. Meanwhile, the weight continued to add on, even when I was working very hard to keep it off. I could no longer even maintain my weight! I knew something was wrong with my body, but felt no one would listen, or that no one had the expertise to help me. It made my active lifestyle very difficult and I was injuring myself because of the added weight.

After tests, Dr. Geidl knew just what to target and how to help me lose the fat, not muscle, safely and successfully. I can’t begin to explain how thankful I am to her. I feel incredibly better—no more constant body aches, tiredness and lack of energy. I feel energetic, strong and am very pleased with the amount of weight I have lost so far. My activities no longer cause injuries. It wasn’t always an easy journey, but Dr. Geidl was very empathetic, supportive, and encouraging through my struggles. She is always willing to listen. I would recommend Dr. Geidl to anyone who is struggling with metabolism issues. She is eager and able to meet the challenge of your metabolism mystery.”

Laura from Lewiston Idaho

“I came to Dr. Geidl because my weight was out of control and I had no energy. I was tired of feeling sick and tired. I am definitely not old enough to be so worn out all the time. Dr. Geidl did a blood panel and discovered some things, but the best thing she gave me was hope. The belief that I could do something about it. She armed me with knowledge and a game plan. For the first time in a long time I was excited and felt like I could make the change. It was a huge lifestyle change for me and it definitely wasn’t easy.

After the first month people were already noticing that my clothes were getting looser. I was also more lively. After about 4 months I had lost close to 50 lbs and I was feeling like I was living again. Now at 70 lbs lighter, and with much more confidence, I can go do things with my friends. I don’t feel like I’m a disgusting blob and I’m no longer self-conscious every time I step outside. I learned that I can make big changes. My diet is very different now and that is ok.

Dr. Geidl has been amazing through this whole process. She supports you without judgement. She knows it is hard but she gives you the tools to succeed. I definitely could not have done any of this without her. She told me I could, and then gave me the tools. She is that voice in my head cheering me on and keeping me motivated to make the right choices.”

Chelsie from Juliaetta Idaho

“My weight loss journey began almost 25 years ago. I had literally doubled my weight from the time I first met my husband to the point of delivery of my first child. I was that person who tried multiple diets and watched my weight go up and down for the next 20 years. Weight Watchers was my stand-by for whenever I needed to shed the pounds. But, in all of those years of attending meetings, I felt like I learned more about what kind of desserts I could eat and still remain compliant with the program, but never truly learned “how” to eat. In order to lose weight with WW, I felt like I was truly starving myself (by eating about 900 calories a day). Of course, the weight that I lost came back, and then some. Also, I never attended a single meeting without purchasing at least two boxes of the chocolate bars, or whatever the month’s newest offering was. I laugh at myself now, thinking, “How in the world did I think this was healthy?”.

I renewed my dieting effort starting in July 2013. I had some success and lost quite a bit of weight, but eventually got stuck. For 14 months, I had no additional weight loss, even with my best effort. It was at this point that I decided to visit Dr. Rayme Geidl. I sought out Rayme’s help after I saw a friend losing weight with her. I realized that I was closer to goal, maybe more than most, but more than anything I wanted to feel better. Dr. Geidl did some testing, and then changed my diet. After a 19 month plateau, I finally was watching the scale go down. After understanding the system, the plan is simple and doesn’t require much planning. Best part of all, I eat as much as I want of the foods that are permitted on the plan. It requires no weighing, measuring or counting calories!

After learning how to eat HEALTHY, I can honestly say that I am never going back. I wish I had been taught, what I know now, years ago. As I approach 50, I find myself in the best health of my life, with a weight loss of an additional 59 lbs. during this past couple of years. When I come to my appointments at NW Metabolic Medicine, I am sure that waiting patients wonder why I am there. People that I work out with don’t believe me that I used to be “obese” until they see my former pictures. I understand their struggles and their journey. I have been on and am on that same path, and probably always will be. It is just that now, for the first time in my life, I have the proper tools and knowledge for success.”

BMC from Moscow Idaho