We’re Different

We are different at Northwest Metabolic Medicine.

We listen.  We mean it.  Really.

You will always be treated with dignity and respect.

We don’t try to be everything to all people.  We specialize in one thing…metabolic and bariatric medicine…and we’ve expended a great deal of effort to be your best source for wellness, weight loss, and metabolic health. That being said, because of Dr. Geidl’s background as a family physician, she understands how other health conditions impact your weight.

We respect your time. Your appointment will start on-time, the vast majority of the time.

We’ve strived to keep overhead down and costs low.  We don’t have a large, fancy office.  But we do have some of the most advanced testing equipment and have invested a tremendous amount of time and money to acquire the latest knowledge, medical research, and treatment options available.

We know that you’ve tried dieting and didn’t lose weight (or regained it).

We understand why it is that you eat the same amount as other thin people but still gain weight.

We know that the answer may not just be “exercise more”.

Your diet won’t rely on drinking expensive “shakes”, “bars”, or other products.  You will eat real food.

At Northwest Metabolic Medicine, you will never hear “just lose 20 pounds, and you’ll be fine”.

Every person can improve their wellness, and we have SOLUTIONS for you. We aren’t just giving you more care, we’re giving you the right care.

You will have enough time for your appointment, and you will get personalized attention.  You will have more face-to-face interaction…you are not limited to only 5–7 minutes with your doctor.

You have a choice and a say in your health care.  Your care here is not controlled or limited by third parties.

If you choose Northwest Metabolic Medicine we will work hard to provide you with exceptional value, answers, and care. Thanks for checking us out!