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Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is a multinational corporation that sells over 1 billion dollars per year of various products and services to assist their clients with weight loss and weight maintenance. A distinctive feature of Weight Watchers’ primary diet plan is that no type of food is off limits. Instead, participants attempt to lose weight by trying to maintain a calorie deficit. This process has been successful for some of their clients. However, some people who have tried this plan regain weight, and sometimes gain even more than they lost in the first place.

People who have reported not having ongoing success with Weight Watchers usually mention one or more of the following reasons:
▪ Some find it difficult to regularly attend meetings, simply due to the busyness of life.
▪ Some dreaded being weighed. Because, even though they’d followed the plan, they often hadn’t actually lost any weight (which was very discouraging).
▪ Some don’t like the lack of privacy.
▪ Others felt tracking points was too time consuming.
▪ Some didn’t have success because they felt certain members dominated the meetings. So, they didn’t get as much of a chance to participate as they needed.
▪ Some felt that because they could eat any food they wanted as long as they stayed within their “point limits” (even food they knew was not good for them), they never really formed healthy eating habits.

Some Weight Watchers clients have frustratingly regained lost weight or didn’t lose weight at all, and they didn’t exactly know why. The underlying metabolic problems (and other contributing issues) that lead to fat tissue gain are extremely complex. Since programs like Weight Watchers are not medically supervised, this can mean critical issues have not been thoroughly evaluated and properly treated.

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